Disable fog in panda3d

I tried to load a large indoor scene into panda3d.
The problem is, it doesn’t showup correctly in panda3d, there is some kind of fog blocking any long distance view. Is there any was to disable this behaviour?
I presumed it was some kind of fog system, so I fiddled with the setLinearRange option. Without any success however…
Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

I’m guessing that’s your far clipping plane.



or, in your Config.prc file:

default-far 100000


I may be confused, but i think the word “large” may be an issue here.

Depending on how “large really is here” it could be that the closest mesh is beyond the cameras far plane, and not being rendered. Take a look at:


You could either tweak with the far plane, or simply scale down the model, if this is indeed the problem.


where x is < 1 (to scale it down)

edit: Davebeat me to the punch

Yeah, but you win with the more complete answer. :slight_smile:


Thanks for both quick replies…
Scale wasn’t the issue here, the scene was just big in comparison to the actor.

PS: It was the farplane that did the trick, so I declare drwr the winner.:astonished:
Besides… I could have died in the 2 minutes I was waiting. :stuck_out_tongue: