Disable camera acting on key events

Hi everybody

I am trying to program a routine that allows the user to change which keys are used to control the avatar in a game. I have made this part work, so now my problem is that some keys like f, g, or w seems to be bound to the camera, if you push any of these something happens (e.g. w everything is shown as wireframes).

Is there a way to disable this?

Best regards

Are you writing a game in Python? In Python, these keys are only bound if you are running the DIRECT tools.

Do you have ‘want-directtools 1’ in your Config.prc? Take it out if you do. Or, just run ‘direct.disable()’ in your code.

If you are writing a game in C++, these keys are bound if you have called framework.enable_default_keys().


Thanx, guess that’s a stupid question then :slight_smile:

It’s not a stupid question–it’s not particularly obvious that the DIRECT tools take over the keyboard so aggressively.

A stupid question would be, “why does my cat’s breath smell like cat food?” :slight_smile: