Directx9 stoped working! HELP!

every time i try using dx9 it does not work.
it’s never done this before and for some reason i can’t figure it out normally i could fix these kind of errors, but i cant find the source this one.

Check the “Color quality” Preferences settings on your desktop. Make sure you’re set to 32-bit color and not 16-bit color.

Also try rebooting the computer. Sometimes the driver gets its bloomers all in a knot.


omg, how did i miss that!?
I’ve never changed my settings
32bit 1280x1024 is always what I’ve used now I have to find out how they got changed. lol
anyway thanks that did it

Would this affect game play for the users of my games?
would they not be able to use 16 bit color with dx9?

Yes, it’s a bug in Panda. It’s on our list.


Hmm, isn’t this configurable in the Config.prc by setting the color-bits?

You’d think, wouldn’t you? But the bottom line is, our pandadx9 code is really lousy, and doesn’t do smart things like this. :confused: