DirectScrolledList vs DirectScrolledFrame

Have implemented a list using DirectScrolledList that allows player to choose what character to use (it reads them from a folder on PC).

I do have the Dec and Inc buttons working, but was thinking of trying to use scrollbars to make it look more like what more users would be familiar with.

I haven’t used DirectScrolledFrame or DirectScrollBar before, so just looking for advice.

Would it make sense to use DirectScrolledFrame or to somehow use a separate DirectScrollBar control with my existing DirectScrolledList control? (and if so, how? :slight_smile: )

I think DirectScrolledList works by replacing the visible items on the list and a DirectScrolledFrame is like a viewport/window to a bigger frame. I don’t think they can be used at the same time in any logical way.

I think a DirectScrollBar could be used to call scrollBy() or scrollTo() of a DirectScrolledList (use the ‘command’ keyword to call a function when the scroll is used, get the scroll value with the ‘value’ keyword and if you have the range of the scroll same as the len of you list then things should go easy e.g. scrolled_list.scrolTo(scroll_bar[‘value’]) ) … or just use a DirectScrolledFrame with buttons on it.

Thanks wezu.
Ideally, I was thinking of combining DirectScrolledList and DirectScrollBar somehow, and your response has given me the bits of info I think I need to make it happen.