DirectScrollBar thumb

This isn’t really a major issue, but we were wondering why the DirectScrollBar’s thumb has a tendency to get stuck when we drag it around with the mouse. Has anyone encountered this problem? Is there any way around it? Its a nuisance.

That’s its “feature”. If you dislike it, fix it (it’s in C++, PGSliderBar class), or create your own.

I’m confused… it was designed to behave this way? Or is it a bug?

Of course it’s a bug. I hate it too, that’s why I created one myself in Python.

Can you post a very small 20-line ‘demo’ code to demonstrate the bug? That makes it easier to fix.

Heh. If you’d reported the bug, I might have fixed it a long time ago. :slight_smile:

I’m actually working on this bug today. Someone reported it to me recently.


Actually, I wasn’t sure it was a bug. lulz

And it’ll pretty much show up on any instance of DirectScrollBar… try dragging it around with a mouse, and eventually, it will ‘catch’ and refuse to move till you release it. Weird.

It appears to happen when you click within the trough, instead of within the thumb itself. Even if you click just a little bit next to the thumb.