I was wondering, first of all, does Panda use DirectInput to handle input?

Second, if not, is there a way to force it to use DirectInput?

I ask because I am working with TrackIR and its mouse emulator. The mouse emulator works perfectly fine in the operating system and video games (I tested Half-Life 2 and Counter Strike). When I inquired at TrackIR’s forums, I was told that the mouse emulator of TrackIR will only work if DirectInput handles the input for the program.

Thank you for your time.

i am not sure, but even if panda3d does not you can use python directX bindings to get at it.

slightly off topic, but is there a cross platform library similar to direct input that anyone knows of?

pasquinelli, its depends what you need from direct input. There is plenty to get mouse and keyboard, joystick is a little spotty - i would say SDL is your best bet. - its more question about drivers then the library itself.

yeah, sdl is probably my best bet for joysticks. i’m just not entirely satisfied with it. it’s been a while since i’ve used direct input, but it does a few things i like, like force feedback, the capabilities of the device include more up to date stuff, and the big one, you can swap devices in and out. with sdl if you connect a device after the program starts, it won’t show up, which is shitty. also, and i know this would be unreasonable to expect, it would be cool to have something like xinput.

is pygame the only python SDL binding?