Directinput wrapper for Panda3d


I am trying to access the mouse position via directinput from within Panda 3d, to enable support for a head motion tracking device (Naturalpoint’s Trackir 4).

I have downloaded the directpanda package, but I can’t make head or tail of how to integrate it into a panda3d app.

Had anyone any experience with this. Any pointers would be most appreciated!

directinput as in direct X Input ? (directinput is panda3d text box)

You would have to get to c++ layer and look at how Mouse is implemented.

It might be easer to get python - direct x bindings to work and use that.

Sorry Treeform

Yes I meant the Directx directinput layer.

I’ve looked at the directpython code examples but I can’t work out how the mouse position lookup is implemented. My experience with Python is really limited to Panda3D.

Also I was worried about whether running directpython and panda3d together would cause a problem with the graphics API.

Any pointer or code snippets wold be most appreciated.