DirectGUI in C++?

I have been told to rewritten our done python codes in C++.
I need to implement a radiobutton in our GUI, which can be easily realized in python by calling DirectRadioButton.
However, I can’t find the same thing in C++ manual or API reference (or example codes), maybe it is due to my wrong keywords for searching.
So, can you help me that if C++ already has an API for radiobutton realization?
or how can I realize the effort of radiobutton for my GUI.
Thank you very much.

DirectGUI is not available in C++. However, some of the things that DirectGUI uses may be available.

If you already have your GUI code in Python, why rewrite it? In fact, why rewrite any of your completed code? That just seems like a good way to get nothing done.

I think I didn’t explain my question clearly.
Actually, there are some reasons so that my teacher told me to write in C++. I know that DirectGui is not available in C++, but the same effort of DirectButton can be done by PGButton , so hopefully there is an API corresponding to Directradiobutton and thus I can realize the radiobutton in C++.
Thank you very much for your response

DirectRadioButton has no direct PGui equivalent, but is rather a special case of a small square DirectButton with a DirectLabel next to it.

Thank you for your helpful assistance., can you tell me the name of the API? (the small square DirectButton)

That is just a PGButton under the hood.