DirectGui hierarchy

I have an object (a panel menu) that has objects (dummy) parented to it.
If I use them as simple objects, it recognize them without any problems, but if I use the panel as DirectFrame, there are no more objects dummy in it.
So my question is:
How do I see the dummy objects of the DirectFrame object?

My code is as follows:

      self.lp = loader.loadModel(MAINPATH+MODFOLDER+"/gui/panels/left_panel.egg")
      self.buttimg = loader.loadModel(MAINPATH+MODFOLDER+"/gui/buttons/exit/button_exit.egg")

      self.db = DirectButton(geom = (self.buttimg.find("**/exit_default"),self.buttimg.find("**/exit_click"),self.buttimg.find("**/exit_rollover"),self.buttimg.find("**/exit_default")), relief=None, command=self.__reparents)
      self.db.reparentTo(self.l.find("**/Dexit")) # Dexit is an object child of Self.lp imported with it, which does not recognize in DirectFrame mode.

Someone can help me?