DirectGUI example or demo

Hi everyone!
I tried to contact Tobspr directly but it did not work… I just wonder if he has posted the sourcecode or any demo regarding DirectGUI, because I have seen his videos in youtube ( and they look great! Is there any other example or demo?

Sorry, I don’t check my messages on a daily basis.

The source code for the demo is not online, mainly because it is part of a bigger code basis.
TBH, I don’t really like DirectGUI, and almost all graphics/buttons in the video are just textures I created in Photoshop, and the animations were also a bit painful to setup.

Thanks for your answer tobspr!
In that case, I do not know what to do… I would like to deploy my app as a p3d package and even be able to embed it in a web page. I would like to be able to make use of threading to improve performance and that is why I do not want to embed the panda3d window in a wxpython panel, for example, as I do now. But I need some panels to show some values (tree view and grid, for example). Even, I would like to be able to popup menus with right click of the mouse. Any suggestions on how to go?


If your question is relating to the way of how having a wxpython frame launching a thread with a showbase instance, then you should see the complete code proposed by Nemesis#13.

[url]Multiprocess wxPython + Panda3D]

This code works very well, and allows to desynchronize the wxpython loop and the panda3d’s one. P3D will run at full speed.

Hi Melan,
Thanks for your answer, I didn’t know about that! I will try it!

Thanks for sharing links for GUI