DirectEntry multi line : different color for different line


I want to have a little chat into my game, so I used a directenry defined in multiline.
But now, depending of type of msg, I wish to have different color on the directentry on the different lines.

Is that possible? otherwise what do you advice to me to do that?

Thank you

Is it possible for you to clarify a bit?
You want a DirectEntry with multiple lines (say 3) and for each one to have a different color? (first red, second green, third blue… etc?)

Or, you would like a DirectEntry with multiple lines (say 3) and to be able to change the text color of the input text?


for each line have a different color.


You’d either have to create and manage multiple DirectEntry’s each with different colors, or do something with the underlying PGEntry (see api) and use embedded text properties


Thanks, but I think I will try textnode in fact.
What do you think about?