This might be a layman question and all, but I can’t seem to find the answer…

How do you make a dialog which appears, and disappears once you press enter?

I suspect it has something to do with buttonHotKeyList, but I have no idea how it works…

Simply use .show() and .hide() to make things appear and disappear.

Also, look at
then just make a task looking for enter.

Trying editing the code here on this link

Make a task that looks for enter, then, then b.hide() after pressing enter again.

To transition from fully visible to fully hidden dialog, you could try to combine show(),hide() with a colour interval:
I’m sure you can also set the alpha value?
Still hide() would be required so you won’t be able to click on it when its fully transparent. Hm, maybe make a sequence with a color interval and function (hide())interval:

interval1 =LerpColorInterval(dialog, duration, color, startColor)
def hidefunc():
interval2 = Func(hidefunc)

hideSequence = Sequence(interval1,interval2

and another sequence to make it completely visible from completely transparent, first function interval show(), then color interval
And then keyboard input:

def hideSequenceFunc():
base.accept( 'enter' , hideSequenceFunc )

Ahh… I was actually aiming for an example of buttonHotKeyList in action… But this is nice too.

Thanks alot everyone!

What I did in the end was as you guys said, self.accept the enter key, and then make it destroy the dialog. Works quite well at the moment.