DirectButton or OnscreenImage?

Hi again

I’m implementing an intro screen in my game. I want to insert some buttons for the user enters in the options or play the game, like any other game. I was wondering about the buttons in this screen. My intention is to put an image for each button and associate a method of a class for each one. The first idea is insert images via OnscreenImage and like I said before, put an action in them. But what about the DirectButton? It is possible to insert an image and to associate an action to it, right? But in the DirectButton, what’s the behavior of the background transparency? I’m question this because in the DirectLabel, if I set background transparency the background image changes to a kind of color that is almost transparency, I don’t know how to explain better than this. And I don’t know how I can put an image for you see. My image is a “.png” file with the background totally transparent.
What’s best to use guys? DirectLabel or OnscreenImage(assuming that this function accepts method’s association)?

thanks for the support

Both DirectLabel and DirectButton fully support transparency. But you have to put relief=None in the constructor, otherwise it will draw an opaque card behind your image.