Digicide - Long time project

Okay. I somehow got Panda 3D to work, and from now on I will start my long journey in creating this game.

Since it’s the beginning, I will update it as soon as there are some progress going on with this game.

On to the details

  1. Rough Draft

Game name : Digicide

Genre : FPS/RPG (4 more years of development might also make it MMORPG)

How long are you going to plan on making this game? - About 9 years with my team

Storyline : In year 2247, new virtual life sports called digicide gets its fame to top. Choose to become either shooter or striker and complete all the challenges given by Master A.I.

If we could create it as an MMO, become the arena champion!!

  1. Steps I’m going to take

A. Plan with the team

B. Making each models patiently

C. Making ingame menu and RPG system

D. Integrate RPG system with FPS system

E. Loading all the models, levels, and events

F. Programming

G. Alpha testing

H. Beta testing

I. Integrating sounds

J. Final testing

(Optional)K. Construct it to MMO

: It’s going to take hell a lot of time in Panda 3D, but I’m willing to spend long suffering and painful years to develop Digicide.

  1. Team

Programmer (Me and my other friend)
Planner (Me)
Graphic designer (Me and my other friends.)
Sound maker (My other friend)
Voice acting (All of us!)

Our team is still in beta grouping(?) and requires some time to see 3D panda and blender.

4. Programs we are going to use

A. Panda3D (Of course!)

B. Blender (Probably the best 3D designing app.)

C. Adobe Audition

D. Adobe Primiere (For in game movies)

E. PyPe (Second most important)

F. Pen and Paper (Not a digital program, but a real life program)

That’s about it for now. Please watch over our project, and if demo is somehow released, CRITICISMS ARE WELCOME!!

from the showcase-forum description

well. maybe one should add that bragging without showing anything at all… is sorta useless.
one thing i like about your plan. your timetable is pretty realistic.
what i dont like about it. the MMO-part.

make it a nice and funny game. add online rankings, online arenas or whatever.
it’ll keep development sane, and fun.
but please dont waste your time to make “yet another mmo-game”

thomas e.

EDIT:fixed wrong quotation

OMG, I didn’t read the forum description.

Well, since I posted it I should work as fast as I can.

Starting from changing my graphic card first… (Panda3d seems to have some trouble with it along with blender)

Thanks, and nice to meet you.


As a future software engineer (in 2 weeks!!), I have to suggest you something about the order of your project. Maybe you will not do it in this order for real but instead of waterfall type like you said:

I suggest that you do everything at once, in iteration. Don’t do all of your model at the beginning, don’t do all the menu at the beginning, etc… Do a little bit of each (including testing) and give you “goals” for a period of time. For example, for the next 3 weeks (iteration 1), I’m gonna do one model, do a testing menu, integrate it a little bit, test it a little bit. For the next 3 weeks (iteration 2), I will do blablabla

It’s just a suggestion but it is recommended practice. If you start with one thing from beginning to end, chances are against you and you could never finish your project. And this iteration style works very good with teamwork and changes.

Hope this help!