Different python version?


So I’m presently using Panda3D 1.5.4, and the version of python it comes with (2.5.2)

However, I’m trying to link up with some DLLs, and 2.5.2’s ctypes library is out of date, and we’ve only been able to get the DLLs to work in python 2.6 or 3.0. They use the newer ctypes (1.1.0).

Since I can’t seem to find a separate ctypes 1.1.0 installer for python 2.5, I was wondering if there’s a simple way for me to change the python Panda uses to be python 2.6.

I’m hoping there’s an easy way to do this and I’ve just been moving around the wrong files…but my suspicion is that there are tons of dependencies (as suggested by the sorts of errors I’m getting).


A DLL is only good with the version of Python it was compiled against. Since the Panda binaries distributed here were compiled against Python 2.5.x, you can only use them with Python 2.5.x. If you wish to use a different version of Python, you will have to download the source and compile it yourself.

It’s a similar situation with ctypes. If you want to use ctypes with Python 2.5.x, you will need to find a ctypes DLL that was compiled against Python 2.5.x, or get the source and compile it yourself.


The most recent version of ctypes is available here:

svn.python.org/projects/ctypes/b … ctypes-1.1

The ‘source’ and ‘ctypes’ directories in this repository are linked through svn:externals properties directly into the main Python repository.

I’ve just checked that the code compiles and the tests run sucessfully with Python 2.5.