Different performance on laptops

Hi, that’s exactly what happens to my game, in my desktop PC it works pretty well, but when run in a laptop it have some issues detecting some collisions that causes the player to get stuck in scenery sometimes, I attibute it to slowest GPU or worst hardware in general.

I don’t think I will change the game at all, but anyway I’d like to read your thoughts about this, specially if you had the same problem before.

Different performance on different computers is very natural. Having objects get stuck can happen if an object moves through another object too rapidly and thus the collision doesn’t get detected, (this issue is sometimes referred to as quantum tunnelling)
panda3d.org/manual/index.php/Rapid … ng_Objects

I expected the game to differ a bit in terms of speed or graphic quality, but didn’t expected to behave that way.

Well, I would not say the avatar is rapidly moving, but probably the laptop renders frames slowly enough for the collisions to fail. (laptop graphic cards suck)

Do you use the Rapidly-Moving Objects mode often or it’s more like an emergency-use-only solution? If it’s common use then I would consider using it from the start in my next games or maybe I should make tests on a lower machine too.

There’s no reason not to use the rapidly-moving object stuff all the time. The only reason it’s not turned on by default is that it does require the programmer to think a little bit more about what he is doing (you have to know when to use setPos() and when to use setFluidPos(), for instance).