Differences between a few DGG globals?


What are the differences between DGG.ENTER and DGG.WITHIN?

I read up on the API reference under some of the PGui stuff, and read that:

API ref for DGG.WITHOUT (basically):

I’m trying to understand this a bit more.
Will this event be thrown when, two DirectFrames are overlapping? For instance, two frames over top of eachother both recieve the event? Or would only the one ‘in front’ recieve this event?

What about if the frame has buttons on it, for instance? Would DGG.WITHOUT be thrown for the frame if a button is a child of the frame and the button is on the frame?

Could someone explain to me?

Thank you,

|    Frame A       |
|     +---------+  |
|     | Frame B |  |
|     +---------+  |

When the mouse crosses the line from outside to inside frame A, it sends both WITHIN and ENTER for frame A. When it the crosses the line to inside frame B, it sends EXIT frame A and WITHIN and ENTER frame B.

That is to say, You are only ENTERED to one frame at a time, and it is the topmost frame. But you might be WITHIN multiple frames at the same time.


That’s exactly what I wanted to know, thank you!