Dgui or something else?

Ok im trying to figure out where to start for this section of my project. I want a section of my screen to show a panel that will have tabs (Im thinking tabs anyway) to display status’s, radar, and things like that but is this is say 1/5 of my window I need it to be able to hide and unhide it and change how my render screen stuff is working so it would consider the panel to be the edge of the screen (instead of the actual edge). I am not sure if this is something dgui would work for or if I should just use the 2d system in Panda for this.

If someone could let me know which would work best and maybe some examples of this so i can see how it works. I have been searching this off and on for awhile but have not found anything yet.

I now know that dgui cannot do what i need (at least i think) but it can create the buttons i need to switch what the section displays. I am still not sure on what would work for this.

Direct Gui won’t give you tabs per say. But you can implement tab-like behavior. Everything works on a scene graph so you could implement tab-like behavior with buttons on the screen that hide and show depending on which tab buttons you click.

As dynamically scaling the window, this is also possible via the WindowProperties class and the base.win.requestProperties() method.

If you would not like an overlay, but something is on the side, you can still do this as well by adjusting your the DisplayRegion of your 3d render window. I believe it’s base.win.getDisplayRegion(0) for the default DR that the render NP renders too.