Development roadmap?

Is there a devlopment roadmap posted anywhere that defines the direction that Panda3D is going? New features, bug squashing, that sort of thing? Thx.

As of now - the development roadmap isn’t posted anywhere.

However, we are getting ready to put this online and lay-out methods we can effectively leverage community development support.

Thx for the info. I’m sure it will be interesting to read as Panda3D appears to be a very capable engine with great potential. I have a number of questions but I’ll wait until after you post the roadmap. :slight_smile:

How about you go ahead and ask your questions? We’ll be happy to answer questions while you wait.

Keep checking back though

Ok, fair enough :wink:

These are the immediate questions that come to mind:

I’ve read through the docs and I see P3D is a co-operative effort between Disney and CMU so I’m assuming this will be an ongoing project for awhile.
If either Disney or CMU were to dis-continue support, who will be “in control” of the source and will supervise what development features Panda3D will include in the future? Who does it now?
Is compatibility with more recent versions of Python, the 2.4.x tree, planned? If so, when?
Where is the effort with porting to Mac OS X currently?
The current docs focus on Python. Is there any plan to produce C++ oriented docs?
If I wished to contribute code or bug fixes to Panda3D who do I contact?

Thanks for your time and I appreciate your help! :slight_smile:

Good questions - all will be answered through the road-map but here are some preliminary responses.

There are no plans to discontinue support of Panda3d. This is just the beginning to a greater effort in the development of Panda3d. Consider this - What unix was to operating systems, we want Panda3d to be for game engines.

There are plans to integrate more recent versions of Python. There used to be some compatibility issues, with some versions of python, this needs revisiting. Similiary a Mac Port is on the development roadmap.

Yes there is a plan to document how to use Panda3d through C++.

For any queries, support and development issues (improvement, bug fixes) contact the Panda3d team at We welcome all support that we can get from the community. Like I said in an earlier post - we are going to leverage all we can get. :slight_smile:

@vjawa, thx for the responses! I’ll be looking forward to seeing the roadmap. :wink:

Is there any information available on the problems with later versions of Python?

This sounds like a place where getting a wider developer community involved could make short work of any problems.

Have Fun!
Mark Andrews