Developing ToonTown...

Has anyone a clue how ToonTown was developed? C/C++ scripting, or Phyton scripting? How long?
I’m about to develop a big project, I have a team of 25 programers/graphics.
Currently, I have to choose which engine to use, our own developed, or samo third party engine. Panda3D seems to have everything what we need, but all of my programmers are VB/C#, and C++ will take a great ammount of time to learn. Python is much easier to learn and to develop, but our project will be bigger than ToonTown, and it’s possible that we’ll have to change some source code. Can we use Python to do some serious source changing, like better Collision detection and special GUI widgets, or that part is reserved for C++???

As I understand it, the vast majority is in python. I’m sure, however, that they occasionally added features to Panda (ie, the C++ part) to help them out.

If you write a big game with panda, I bet you’ll make quite a bit of progress in python, but eventually, you’ll have to add a few C++ features to panda itself to support your objectives. That’s not a problem — that’s just the way it’s done.

  • Josh