Developer wanted for small project

Hello, I work for a company who develops forensic education kits for high schools and colleges. We want to create some virtual measurement software to analyze shoe impressions. I have used a 3d scanner to digitize a shoe and impression and I would like to pay someone to assist us in developing the core code for this software. I believe the amount of work we are asking for would take a programmer who is versed in Panda about 5-6 hours to complete. The requirements are as follows:

-load a .x or .egg file
-rotate the camera around the model by use of keyboard commands
-use a mouse pointer ray to pick points on the surface of the model
-measure between two points on the model (where the collision is detected, not a nearest vertex)
-display a line on the model connecting the two measurement points and circles at each measurement endpoint
-print the numeric value of the linear measurement at the line midpoint in front of the model

I have already been able to tag an egg file for collisions, load it, and detect the collision, but my work needs some more polish and I don’t have the time to spend learning how to do it.

Payment will be via check upon completion of the project. Please call the company at 304-529-0803 and ask for Justin if you are interested. We are located in West Virginia. You can see our work at

i’d love to do that (sounde nice and easy). unfortunately i’m already quite busy. if noone else volunteers within the next 2 weeks i’d be happy to help you out. until then, good luck :slight_smile:

Hello, I am interested in this project but I have a few questions:

  1. do you want some sort of GUI for this?
  2. do you need some sort of open file dialog to choose the .x or .egg file?
  3. how long would I have to work on it?

if you could either reply here or pm me that would be great

4)does it matter if I use python or C++?

  1. The GUI would be nice, but I think I can write it pretty easily. Keyboard commands would suffice for now.
  2. A dialog is not necessary since the models don’t change.
  3. I would like to get a copy of your first attempt by next Monday or Tuesday and work with you to refine it from there depending on how far we go with it. This would be a standing consulting agreement for an hourly rate, with up to 40 hours available within the next month or so.

since calling you would probably get me killed with long distance charges, I guess I’ll pm you when I have something to show you.

Can you skype?