Developer Contest


We have announced a contest for any game developing
teams out there.
The prize includes:

  • $100,000 cash advance
  • paid game engine license up to $1 million (any commercial game engine available)
  • standard dev team royalties from shipped title

Estimated duration of the project is until November 2008. However, it is best to get involved and collaborating with our community right away!

For more details and the rules of the contest, go here:

Design Document:…_Doc_Sept_2007

Please contact me directly or post if you have any questions!


sounds nice at first… but there are a few points i dont like about the entry conditions …

seriously… does solitair run on vista at all?? XP ok… but hey it’s a game no M$ commercial… and why the heck not opengl?

• For the entrant who wins the competition, Acclaim will make best efforts to negotiate and secure a licensing fee, as long as the fee is not higher than the average “standard industry feeâ€

I believe It was supose to mean that there wound not be anything added that could “compromise the securiy”

you wouls still own your code and everything. However your released game can’t be associated with this game or (for obvious reasons) base it on the same design.

I’m sure there are 3rd party tools out there that will provide such inteface. Don’t forget Acclaim will pay up to million dollars for engine licenses.

if you would have more question I will gladly answer or find answers directly from David Perry

sounds very much like a con. as somebody who has seen a few such ripoffs before i would advise against this.

this is the same developer who claims to be developing a game with like a million people all at once.

aaaand i rest my case. dont go near them. i particularly like the part about offering a prize to the first person to name their baby “Turok” to promote Turok Evolution…

yes, but that was Acclaim Entertainment. They went bankrupt and Activision’s former CEO Howard Marks has purchased Acclaim’s name (just the name) and formed new Acclaim Games. Top Secret Project is a being directed by David Perry (Earthworm Jim, MDK, Matrix titles) and will be published by Acclaim Games. This developer contest is for us to find a developer that will develop the game. This is not a scam or anything just look up acclaim website or If you neeed any answers from David Perry I’m in direct contact with him

I do believe that this is something serious and could be a chance for a development company.

However i am against participating in this contest. I will try to explain why…

If a company is in need of a new corporate design (for example) they invite several graphics-companys, which in turn invest a big amount of time (sometimes up to a 1 month) to create ideas and participate in this contest. Only one of these company’s have the chance of getting this work paid. All other competitors have to get the time invested paid by other customers. (remember it’s not only a price offer, but one or several complete design idea’s). Still the worktime has to be paid by someone, which usually are the ‘normal’ customers of the graphic-company’s.

Back to this forumpost, they expect you to invest 1 year of work, while the chance of getting anything back is minimal. While the offering company will make money for sure, and might take the idea’s you have developed during this time.

Better make the work you do, free to anyone from the beginning and help develop good free games, which might get you a good job.

just my 2 cents

you right,

one of the reasons behind this contest and the whole project id to find talents. I suppose this contest will mainly interst indy developers and or modders. Many of indies spend their time developing a game or a mod and most of them don’t even get paid for it. They do it for fun or whatever reaosn. With this contest there is a chance that you might get rewarded for time spent. And it will help you and your team to break into industry, having a title published by Acclaim Games.
The scale and uniqueness of this project will bring publicity for individuals (designers) and pretty much for all dev teams participating.

Well you should read my whole comment…

While it may seem to be a chance, participating will be bad for most participants and the whole industry…

imho…this seems rather strange at best…no one else may say so but Im certainly willing to do so by saying I find it slightly odd to suggest your giving a million bucks for a ‘game engine’…your first clue this would fall on deaf ears is the fact that panda IS a complete game engine with many features that make it highly accessible,- just ask its participants :wink:

on that note honest inquiries about panda are fine as no one is hiding anything here…oh and btw ‘a chance to break into the industry’…well what do you think panda is offering people ?

#1- your site is hardly professional looking, frankly a bit scarey.( halloween timing ? )

#2- Support one milllion players ey ?..thats some goal —

#3 - NOt real worried about crossplatform development ey ?..hmm panda is and its freely available…sorry no interest : thread locked :wink: