Dev blog?

Should Panda3D have a dev blog?

  • Yes, absolutely!
  • No, I’m not interested.
  • It’s a nice idea, but the devs shouldn’t waste their time with this.

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So yesterday we were discussing various things on the IRC channel and The Wolfire blog came up. That got us thinking: should/could Panda3D have a dev blog too? As things stand now, you pretty much have to be on the IRC channel to get any idea of the dev process and its current situation. Since the official release pace is a bit on the slow side, hasty people may get the misconception that nothing is being done.

Now, the Wolfire blog is updated pretty often and lots of times seems to contain unrelated or very technical stuff so that’s probably not the kind of blog we would want. What the blog could contain is stuff that’s interesting for future users like pics or videos of features in development (like here) or otherwise useful information (like this)

The main issue is, of course, time. Are the devs interested in investing a bit of their time to rant/hype/report once per week? Biweekly? Once per month? Is it even worth the effort? I’d like to hear thoughts on this, especially from any Disney/CMU guys :slight_smile:

Sounds like a good idea to me. I’d be happy to spend some time ranting about Panda improvements once in a while :slight_smile:

I do agree that something like this makes the community more aware of what is happening behind the scenes, making the gap a bit less wide.
Also, people will know that Panda is an actively developed project (I can imagine that people get the opposite idea, given that the last major release is almost a year ago already)

It sounds useful to me too, though I’m not sure how much I’d be able to contribute personally. Maybe when I got into it I’d find it’s easier than I think.


Not like you’d have to contribute often, but it would be cool if you could give the community an update once in a while (like “look, I got this sample program running on iPhone, here is screenshot” or something like that).

Anyways, given that a big majority voted Yes, here it is:
and as you can see I’ve already created a post to get started. :slight_smile:

All right, I found myself full of excitement about the browser plugin effort this morning and how well it’s going, so I wrote a blog post about it.


Very cool! Both the plugin and the P3D file format projects! The P3D file concept reminds me a bit of a Tcl/Tk starpack, and THAT is an excellent way to distribute IMO…

Hey, very cool idea about the blog. But I do have some questions…

I wonder about the requirements for posting information on the blog? I haven’t been doing anything major for Panda3d, but I’ve been doing a small amount of engine work – Mostly found a few small problems that I’ve resolved, or made a few minor additions. (Such as fixing normal generation in GeoMipTerrains, adding flippable terrains, and some particle engine clean-ups.)

Would these kind of things be appropriate for the blog? I would love to share them and announce to folks what I’ve done to help Panda3d.

I guess it boils down to: How does one become recognized as a Panda3d developer? (For blog access, CVS access, etc.)

PS: jhouck, I think your avatar is messed up. It’s huuuuuge!

Oops! Thanks… resized the image but not the entire graphic… :blush:

I guess pro-rsoft is the maintainer of the blog access for now, so he can answer this when he gets back in town; but I’m inclined to say that almost any contribution is meaningful, and if you have something to say about it, you should by all rights have blog authorship. So I guess it comes down to “ask for it”.

Similar story with CVS access. I’m generally responsible for assigning this, but I’m willing to give it to anyone who has demonstrated a sincere interest in contributing meaningfully to Panda.


I agree with drwr, just about all updates would be welcome for the blog :slight_smile:
Of course, it might be better to “collect” a bunch of tiny updates into a single post so there won’t be 2000 posts with a single line saying “fixed x in y”.

Thanks for writing that entry drwr, it was very insightful and more thorough than I ever could have hoped for when I suggested the blog idea.

Fair enough! I’m still learning the ropes, but as I encounter obstacles in the engine, I am investigating them and either tweaking or adding as I go along. It’s not a whole lot, but anything I can contribute that will make at least someone’s life easier…

Besides, I love Panda3d, and want to give back to the community.

I think it would be a great idea, I love to get updates on whats going on in the background and info on the new and upcoming functions :slight_smile:

I vote hai! :slight_smile:

Sure, I can give someone post access to the blog - if the post entries he can make are Panda3D-related, of good enough quality and spelling/grammar.
Feel free to send me an email.

At the risk of information overload and too much clutter, would it be possible to place a small “Most recent post” block on the front page with the title of the post and a date stamp? I think doing so will help give the impression that this is an active project.

Is it possible to make the blog available as RSS- or Atom-Feed?

It is:

Thanks alot, have not seen them…

I’ve been fighting an awful lot of spam on the blog lately, so I’ve taken some countermeasures, spam is now automatically checked against a database somewhere, and there’s also some ajax code that sends a hash along with the form which the server checks to verify that it’s in fact a browser sending the comment.

So if anyone runs into issues with commenting, please do let me know.

[color=red]Zombie thread rises from the grave…brrrraaaaains…
So I’ve noticed the blog hasn’t been updated in months so it’s starting to look a bit like a corpse too. If anyone has anything even remotely interesting to write about, please do so :blush: