Detecting nodes in ARToolkit


I’m trying to use ARToolkit as an input device (i.e., put some glyphs on the table and stuff happens) which means that a glyph isn’t going to always be tied to a visible nodepath.

According to the API, ARTookit will set the node’s scale to zero if it is not visible (i.e. not detected) so I was using this assumption as the foundation for detecting if a glyph was being detected.

So far, it does not work. Printing to console shows that the nodepath’s scale component of the transform does not changes at all.

Does anyone has any idea on how to implement this correctly?

i frankly remember that if the glyph is not hidden, it will remain at it’s last known transform but it will be hidden. calling show() on that node should bring it up again. you might need to do it every frame after doing the glyph-detection-call


Thanks, you are correct.

However I may not have been clear. What I’m looking to do is detecting if the node is there or not.

I checked the manual and python API but I can’t find any class method that tells me the node’s visibility. All I can find are the hide() and show() methods.


Actually I just found it.


Had to look into PandaNode instead of NodePath.

Perhaps you were really looking for nodepath.isHidden()?