Designing A Main Character That's Accepted

What I find very strange is why this guy (who obviously is not you and is some totally different person of course) was promoting this game you said you made in a review on eBay. As you know email addresses are not random text, but unique to an individual.

WTF? Ebay? Dude are you that Lame? Where does email come into play? are you pinning someone’s email on me too?

God your lame!

I don’t even use Ebay!

I am terribly sorry that I have obviously mistaken you for someone else…

You two seem to write similarly though. It was an honest mistake.

Carry on.

Just for example here… I have a sister name Tisha. She used the screen name Tisha1980. Just for the hell of it, but this was long time ago… I typed in Tisha1980 in my search box and lots of stuff returned. But the Tisha1980’s that did returned was not my sister. She might have been there, but on a different page…maybe?



I know! Type in HJJR78 and search it! I used that screen name too way back. I wonder who has it now?

Now you put my good looking image with that bad one. What is that suppose to prove?

Man give up already… You’re looking bad.

Like your avatar. :laughing:

I kind of like the way that they look side by side. They have subtle details that play well off of each other. The odd waving/twisted red fabric look…

Sorry guy, but that garbage you posted does not look like mine. Yes, who ever made the one you posted had a similar texturing (on the red part), but that’s no surprise. Textures look the same all the time.

You must be 12 years old. Because there’s no way your image posted looks any where near as good as mine. For the 90s, my work was professional. What you posted wouldn’t be good for anything much, not even the 90s.

I’m sure if you look hard enough, you’ll find a lot of similar textures…even from game to game. I’ve seen a lot of them.

Lame duck.

What’s even more stupid is this fact… Why would I drop my professional art work in the 90s for that you posted? What? I declined in skill for some reason?

Get a clue.

I’m top notch in today’s times guy. Too many good apps and engines around. I’ve only grown better since the 90s. In fact, the only thing I was waiting on was a decent engine before publishing.

Guys, come on… If you want to bicker, please keep it to private…
You are ruining this thread, when i came online, i clicked on new posts, and saw that this topic has 8 new posts… I hoped that author put some images or videos of his new upcoming game. Or maybe even demo, or even source if its going to be open sourced. I would be very interested in seeing some professional, properly coded (great design, simple logic, great comments) full game written in panda.

cotownsend78, i am holding my fingers for your project, and i have very high expectations for it. I mean, i am looking at your posts here on forum, and they are very detailed, i can only imagine how good is quality of your code(and supplied comments).

Could you please post some pictures of your new game?

PS. Please use different imagehoster, zshare makes us wait 1 minute before seeing your work, you can use dropbox as image hoster, and is also good.

Thanks, and good luck with your project!

After all of this, no…It’s better for me to not post my current work. Besides, this is work I’ll be placing with a publisher later, so I don’t want any images, especially unfinished ones floating around the internet.

I will do this though…

When I finish and place the game with a Publisher, I will make sure the Panda Community knows which publisher will be placing it on store shelves. I too want to help prove that P3D can make the big ones, that’s one of the main reasons for the project.

Not to mention, any income earned from the game could go towards the development of P3D. Josh Yelon is gone, but money can bring someone else in. Or maybe a group of people.