Deployment question - Reduce installable file size

Hi, i’m developing a downloadable game, i would like to know if anybody has found a way to reduce the overall file size of an installable generated with packpanda or any alternative deployment method.

It looks like a “hello world” program is about 12mb. What is packpanda exactly doing? Is there a way to recompile panda’s dlls to include only what was used in the game?


Yes, that’s not hard to do. There’s one thing that’s tricky about it. To compile panda, you need MSVC7, which is obsolete. I haven’t yet succeeded in compiling panda under MSVC8. If you can get a copy of the old compiler, then I would say dive right in. If you can’t, then brace yourself for a tricky job.

Makepanda is a little dumb about one thing: it copies all the DLLs into the built tree, even if you didn’t use them. For example, if you compile without ffmpeg, it still copies the ffmpeg DLLs into the build tree. So you’d want to manually remove those.

Another thing to remember: the python installer by itself, without panda, is 9.2 mb. So I suspect you need to prune some files out of the python tree in order to really do a good job of size-optimizing.

Great! Thanks for the quick answer!.

I’m using MSVC7, so i’ll dive into it right away.