Demomaster application framework with wxpython navigator

Indeed, forgot that line.
Do you also get these white lines if you run my code ?

What white lines are you referring to ?
May be you are talking about the text you have set as the title for each sphere. They are TextNode and you can see the text if you zoom in a bit.

On the top of the window as on it’s right, you can see two white/grey lines which doesn’t appear with demomaster but shows up with my code.
The apparence of these two lines changes when I resize the window.
Here’s an other screenshot:

I tried the demos (v0.8) with recent build of the Panda SDK. Most of the demos crash with some .dylib error, Terminal just saying Bus Error.
Here’s one of many crash logs:

This one should be from the cubemap ocean demo:

tallmystcarpet, bloom is a post process, it effects the whole screen. Those lines are this bug:

Bradamante, I think those errors may be this bug: [Bus Error on Mac with IntelGMA 950)

I get the bus error on my mac that has that issue, but not on mine that does not have that issue.

The aquarium which discussed here:
[Aquarium effects)
is finally available here:

It is far from the end-product that I would like to have. Especially the underwater effects are bad, the plants are bad, and I would like to use some more shaders in the static scene demo, so many incomplete items …. also if the fish eyes can be moved….

Unfortunately I am so busy on something else, I am afraid this little project is up to here. Have fun and play with the fishes, feed them and create bubbles with your mouse.

I don’t know what you had in mind to achieve but just like this I say it is awesome - the fishes move so sweet and realistic and the environment is believable. To make it perfect need just to tweak the fog (fishes looks unaffected) and maybe it feels the lack of shadows but not much more I think.
great job Cheung, congrats and thankyou for share it!

Running here with Panda3D 1.7.1, built from a CVS checkout on Linux. It all works great… absolutely fabulous contribution, love it!


You need to comment lines 271,272 in for it not to crash with Panda3D 1.8.0.


I’m new to Panda3D (and 3D graphics programming in general) – but I’m attempting modify clcheung’s vertex texture fetching example ( to add some islands to an “ocean”. However, when I add an island there is a very strange reflection artifact – basically the “underside” of the island (the view of the island from beneath the water) is reflected over the entire waterplane (see attached images below).

I read the whitepaper from NVIDIA on which this demo was based and they mention using a technique to reflect/refract objects that are above the plane by computing view of the objects from below the plane and mapping that onto the water plane. This seems to work very well for objects that are on the periphery of the waterplane and for things like skyboxes which are high above the plane. But when I add an object close to the surface (e.g. an island) it creates a massively distorted view of those objects which fills large parts (or all) of the waterplane.

I was curious if anyone has a simple solution to this. Is there a way to make a NodePath or GeoMipTerrain object (i.e. the island) invisible from a certain viewing angle?

I thought that perhaps if I could make only the island be “invisible” from beneath the water, then it won’t be reflected by the water at all. Also I only want to clip the island (i.e. make it transparent from the viewpoint of beneath the water) but need to preserve the view of the sky and mountains, etc so they are reflected by the water.

Thanks in advance for any insight!

You should use a clipping plane by adding a ClipPlaneAttrib to your reflection camera to make sure that all content below the water plane is clipped from the reflection. Search for water examples around the forums, many of them include code to do that.

thanks, I’ll give that a try!

I have downloaded the demomaster application framework 0.8.
Using Panda3d 1.8.1 the following error shows up when running

DOFShaderDemo : [Shaders - DOF]
ShaderFacingRatioDemo : [Shaders - Facing Ratio]
ShaderHatching1Demo : [Shaders - Hatching 1]
ShaderHatching2Demo : [Shaders - Hatching 2]
ShowShadersDemo : [Shaders - Show Models with various effects]
ShowShadersDemo : [Shaders - Show Panda Shaders]
SunShaderDemo : [Shaders - Sun]
SoftShadowDemo : [Shadow - Shadow Manager from pro-rsoft]
Shadow2Demo : [Shadow - Shadow Manager Test 2]
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 51, in <module>
    room = demomain.Container(fmultithread, demolist, None)
  File "s:\tmp\demomaster-0.8\", line 93, in __init__
  File "s:\tmp\demomaster-0.8\", line 272, in ActivateGUI
    self.fMouseDisabled = (base.mouse2cam.getParent() == base.dataUnused)
AttributeError: ShowBase instance has no attribute 'dataUnused'

Any ideas how to fix this?

PS: Running on Windows 8 with Pyhton 2.7.3

find this line
File “s:\tmp\demomaster-0.8\”, line 272, in ActivateGUI
self.fMouseDisabled = (base.mouse2cam.getParent() == base.dataUnused)

change from
self.fMouseDisabled = (base.mouse2cam.getParent() == base.dataUnused)
self.fMouseDisabled = (base.mouse2cam.getParent() == True)

Yes that worked, thanks for your quick reply!

I decided to resurrect demomaster-0.8 on the new version of Panda3D 1.10.0. Got a few screenshots.

artifacts :slightly_frowning_face:

hello, thanks for your work, it’s possible to share new code (in github for example)

I do not have the right, because there is no license. There is also a lot of need to redo the code.

Why you decided to resurrect demomaster-0.8 on the new version of Panda3D 1.10.0 ?
if you can’t share it…

  1. In order to evaluate the progress in the work of Panda3D. After all, many years have passed.
  2. Update the screenshots in the topic, as the old ones are no longer available. I also think to make a video.

In fact, running the demo wizard at 1.10.0 is not such a big job.