DeleD is going Open Source!

Hey everyone, I know a lot of people are looking for a 3d model making program. Today I bring some news from one of my favorite one. It’s call Deled (Del-ed) and its easy to use for programmers that have little background in moduling or just starting out and need some simple modules to work with. We’re still working on whitch linces to switch to, but I bet it’ll work for all :slight_smile:

We also hold small compos to put up our best work for all to see. We’re starting up a winter one, so you all should hurry up and try it out to see what you can make :slight_smile:

See you there,

So, when do you guys plan on going opensource? I’m going to try out the LITE version with some features disabled, it seems to be a wonderful program.

edit: Awesome - this tool is really good. Different views, importing an .obj worked fine. It only crashed once (Windows Vista) so I will report that bug this evening. … 2538#32538
“January 15 2010, DeleD is going Open Source!”

Hope to see you there:)

It looks like a nice tool, thanks for posting. What language is it written in? And what license will it have?

If the answer is C++/BSD you got yourselves a contributor.

To quote a user on the Deled forums:

So… Pascal anyone?