Defending the Princess Haunted - MP3


The link for the panda3D tutorial audio file site link isn’t working. Looks like the site may be down. Is there another site I can find the file in?

Than you in advance!

Hmm… That’s odd–based on a quick check it seems to be working for me! (Perhaps it was just briefly down, and is up again?)

tbh the link didn’t work for me either. I found version 2 of that song on the same site though.

I honestly don’t know what the problem might have been. My best guess is that the site was down for a time, but is back up, or that perhaps it’s blocked on your end?

That said, the exact music piece isn’t important; if you can’t get that one, there are other free-and-royalty-free tracks on the same site, and other free-and-royalty-free music sources to search through.

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