Decent tutorials/books?

Hey guys,

I’ve done a bunch of Googling but all tutorials I find are outdated and thus the code doesn’t work as expected or at all, depending on what parameters changed in Panda, and I’ve found but one book on Panda 1.7 Game Development but it doesn’t sound much like a tutorial book. So I’m wondering if anyone knows of a place I can go that offers some good, updated tutorials on Panda3D?


The samples which come with Panda are always updated to work with the version they come with.
There are two books for Panda, one is complete “making a game with Panda from start to finish”. The one you mentioned for 1.7 is just a collection of code snippets. … _Resources

I find Panda’s manual one of the best I’ve seen, alongside Unity’s. I think the book + Panda’s manual + Panda’s API reference (which lists all of the classes and functions) is all you’ll need.

True, the manual is very well written. I was just hoping there were more tutorials/sample code snippets elsewhere on the internet or perhaps better books. But I suppose I’ll just have to study the manual. :slight_smile:

Have you seen the first book? “Panda3D 1.6 Game Engine Beginner’s Guide”, not the “Panda3D 1.7 Game Developer’s Cookbook”.

I have now. It looks quite good! I’m just concerned that 1.6 might be relatively outdated now. I started learning with 1.7.2 and I currently have 1.8 installed (so far no issues with it). Although I think I might buy it anyway because I’m sure things haven’t changed that much, and anything that has I could look up in the reference guide online.

i agree…

I dunno if you know this one, but it looks quite good.

I found there very good cheat:

Thanks! :slight_smile: