decalling text onto a polygon

This is a stretch but not worth not asking. I got the vertices of a dodecahedron off a website I mentioned in another thread. Now I want some text on all the faces. What are the ways I can do this?

If I have to go through Blender that is an option; I got GIMP for the same reason and haven’t entirely regretted it. But I need different text on different dodec’s, however that is to work.

I do have an alternative in placing the text directly under the dodec, which is mostly viable I think, and possibly even less distracting, just much less cool.

Also, is it realistic to want a specular highlight on a dodec, since it only has 12 faces?

Just wrap a texture around the solid and paint the text onto the texture. For this, you probably will need a tool such as Blender.

I don’t see any problem with a specular highlight on a surface like this. It will make it seem shiny, but only from certain angles.