Debugging panda in visual studio

Hey guys,
I was wondering how to debug panda using visual studio. Does anyone have a nice process for firing up panda with python, attaching and setting break points within the c++ code?

If not what are some alternative ways for doing this?


Here is how I have done it in the past.

1.Get the program/dll(s) build with appropriate debug symbols.

This is the ppremake optimize flags…

Panda built with optimize 2 has debug symbols tables available. Yet will load with non debug build python.

Panda built with optimize 1 by default enables python debug build to load dll’s. Python actull changes it object data structure in a true python debug build. I believe it pivots off the PY_DEBUG define or something like this.

2.Start the python process and get panda DLL’s loaded.
Import libpandaexpress… and all such things…

  1. In dev studio.(At least my version 2003) under the debug menu there is a process option that lets you attach to a running process.

Open the source files and break point and step to your harts desire.


Cool, works :slight_smile: