DeBellisPandabilis - devsite is up

I’ve got around to put something up for my project using TRAC. I like using the ticket system even if I’m the only dev on a project since I can break into small tasks and pick and choose thereafter.

My projects, which only has a few of the UI elements implemented and none of the art, will reproduce wargaming on a linen map using wooden pieces. It will be able to cover battles from the biblical times up to the 15th century. It would play kindof like a turn-based Shogun: Total War except that commander’s view may be enforced and the environment will be more abstract (even modeling well a single army or a single era is beyond what I can commit to do).

While I’m offline for the next few days, I’ll be working on hand-drawing medieval art elements for the GUI and textures.

Keep posted. I’d like to have a playable version in about a month. There is a working version on svn.

Oh i actually have miniature sets for those and a rule book. To bad i really did not get to play any one.