Dealing with multiple Panda3D installations


I’m reviewing old BVW worlds and projects at the ETC that uses the Jam-O-Drum. I wanted to know if there was a “quick and dirty” way to switch between Panda versions, other than changing the PATH environment variable?


I have my python installed and put panda.pth file in that directory.
Change that file can switch to whatever panda versions.

I’d do it by having multiple .pth files, but only 1 has extension .pth at a time. I’d rename the rest to .pth- or so.

I just ‘mv’ the directories out of my path - e.g.

mv /usr/local/panda-withshadows /usr/local/panda

I believe Disney VR Studio has some kind of view system to switch between Panda versions, but too bad they didn’t share it with us.

Actually, it is part of the repository in the dtool tree, but there’s no documentation; and even we think it’s difficult to use and maintain. I wouldn’t willfully subject anyone else to it. :confused: