dead lock / infinate loop in

I have been trying to track down and openAL deadlock / infinite loop in the cvs head.

I have manage to trace it to:

cursor->read_samples(samples, (PN_int16 *)buffer);

on line 441 in openalAudioSound.cxx

It seem to be trying to execute this function: … eadSamples

But that is a super class of many different classes. I think i am using the UserDataAudio but i am not sure how to check. Can some one like David provide helpful hints?

The proper appears to be with

      int len = avcodec_decode_audio(_audio_ctx, _buffer, &bufsize,
                                     _packet_data, _packet_size);

in FfmpegAudioCursor the loop around it never exists because len is never < 0

I have aided a loop counter to stop trying after a while. That fixed hang problem but interdicted a very low fps problem instead! At least i am moving some place.

EDIT: NVM i fixed all of it.