DDS texture not fully compatible with pandagl?

Using PStats, I noticed today that DDS textures expand to its raw size in video memory when used with pandagl. They stay compressed (as reported by PStats) using pandadx9.

Is there a reason why DDS uncompresses in gl mode? I thought that opengl also supports dxt1, dxt5,…etc.?


After playing with problem somemore, it seems like it’s a problem specific to my ATI 5450 again. The problem doesn’t exist on Nvidia cards…

It sounds like your graphics driver is reporting it doesn’t support compressed textures. (This is an optional feature in OpenGL.) You can prove this by setting “notify-level-display debug” in your Config.prc file, which will among other things list all of the features your graphics driver claims to support.

If you think your card should support compressed textures, you could try updating your graphics driver.


Actually what I want to do is take a big stick and beat the AMD/ATI people… but this just shows why Panda needs have a robust directx branch as these hardware guys are lazy!