dc file format

I’m trying to figure out the DC file format by looking at toon.dc included with Toontown Online, I’d rather not go through this much work.
Is there an online documentation or could somebody explain each flag to me?

Caution: the server for the distributed object networking was written only last semester, and it still is pretty untested, and there’s no documentation. I just fixed a serious bug in panda3d 1.0.1. If you’re willing to put up with bleeding-edge code, then here’s a little information:


Download my lecture on “Networking for Games (Continued)” - not the first lecture on networking for games, but the second one.

Also, look at the panda sample program “chatroom.”

You should also look at direct/src/doc/sample.dc for examples (and explanations) of most legal constructs in the dc file.


Thank you and I understand that it’s untested; I’ll report any bugs I find. :smiley:

Hmm… What about the flags? airecv, broadcast, clsend, p2p, required, etc.?

Most of those flags have meaning only to Toontown; they are not used in the p2p networking implementation that is provided with Panda. The ones that do have meaning are documented in the link that Josh provided above.