cuter asteroids

as for the Ball-in-maze demo I touched a little Asteroids from the official sample pack
you may grab it here

Nice, I like it!

The asteroids look a little dull though - adding some lighting to the sprites will make it look even better.

You might want to consider replacing loadModelCopy by loadModel though. It’s deprecated and spawns annoying warnings on the command line.

thank you pro_r
I guess that should be of no use cos those are just sorta of 2d cards not real 3D geometries. I see normal mapping more appropriate but that’s outside the demo purposes (tasks) - though, no doubt a cooler next version of the demo could be to use 3d geometries, let’s see
I changed the model loading as you said

wow. looks nice, especially the flash is a fancy idea

hah thankyou Nemesis#13
I gotta lotta fancy ideas, most of them stopped just by my insane lack of knowledge.
That I would call it cheapo old-school effect but with Panda3D I get fun even like this.
My upcoming fanciness will be titled “Panda dress-up” that would be an extension of the “Looking and gripping tutorial” - perpare to be fancin-ized :wink:

Very nice ! Looking forward to the coming touches !