custom mouse icon problem

# mouse cursor
self.mouseIcon = loader.loadModel("Models/ProjectFiles/mouse")
## self.mouseIcon.reparentTo(render2d)
self.mouseIcon.setColor(0.01, 0.75, 1, 0.975)
mouseDummyNP = render2d.attachNewNode('mouse') 

I am using this code for my mouse cursor.
My mouse image jumps to the mouse position correctly, however the mouse image is not seen because it is under my other 2d images.
If I change ‘mouseDummyNP = render2d.attachNewNode(‘mouse’)’ to ‘mouseDummyNP = aspect2d.attachNewNode(‘mouse’)’, the mouse image is now on top of the other 2d objects (which is correct), but the mouse image no longer jumps to the mouse position (it is offset).
What is the correct method to have my mouse image render as the top layer and at the same time jump to the exact position of the mouse?

Put it in the gui-popup bin and it will stay on top of other gui items.

self.mouseIcon.setBin("gui-popup", 50)

Thank you.