Curves and Their Control-Points

I’m trying to use a NurbsCurve (specifically, a NurbsCurveEvaluator) to control the motion of a flying weapon.

In particular, I want the weapon to pass through three points: its point-of-origin, its point-of-destination, and a target-point.

The first two aren’t a problem: as the start- and end- points of the curve, said curve naturally passes through them.

However, I’ve learned that a Nurbs Curve of order greater than 2 doesn’t necessarily pass through any of its non-end control-points, meaning that it will often not reach the “target” point.

Now, I could use a curve-order of 2–but that produces a curve that is far more linear than I’d like.

I could also break the curve up into two curves, one from start-point to target-point, and the other from target-point to end-point–but that I fear will result in a discontinuity in the path.

So, are there other options that I might explore here…?

Okay, I think that I’ve found a solution that works for me!

Specifically, I find that if I place a control-point directly after the target-point that lies on the line formed by the target-point and the point before it, the curve passes through (or at the least sufficiently close to) the target-point!