Cuboid Clone

Really nice job! Thanks for the game (and the source!)


I have played this and I love it. Im stuck on one level though- can you solve all the levels?

jeah. all levels which come with the game are solveable. some are quite tricky. others are not.
in case you use the level-generator. that one is broken and produces unplayable levels sometimes but by defautl the levelgenerator is not active.

I beat all the levels on standard! That is a very addicting game.

You need a save progress option and more levels:)

you can specify the level-number as commandline parameter on application start. you could aswell load such a value from a file on HDD.
feel free to make additions :slight_smile:

Could you please reupload it?
I wanted to look at the source and learn a thing or two from it…

oh. i’m sorry. had removed it temporarily to upload other stuff. but forgot to reupload it again.
there ya go^

Downloaded, thanks.
This deserves some screenshots in the gallery

How swell, my first time to peak in this forum and I find a nice game clone. :slight_smile: The background looks really great too, perhaps it would be better fitting to the foreground with more sand-yellow-ish color tones though. And I love the player brick texture! The little ivy detail is perfect on the dark stone!

Three things:

  1. I think the delay between falling and restarting is too long.
  2. There should be a fall sound added (I might come up with one later maybe)
  3. Making the game open source and putting it on for example will ensure that it won’t disappear thanks to arcor :slight_smile:

PS: I recorded a video of me playing the first few levels:

well you know the game is open source already. although i was lazy and didnt put copyright notices in all files it’s BSD.
credits for the dark block design goes to nemesis13

Vote for sending this game into the sample project and or the gallery.

The first loveable games that i’ve discovered from panda so far :slight_smile:

This one will let the newbie dream of what they might do with panda :smiley:


agree to push it into the samples bunch - I find a bit questionable to warmly promote it off the forums though: remember it is very inspired by a commercial game (read CLONE in the title) so better keep the word by ourselves. :wink:

Latest version tries to connect to localhost and cannot be started. previous version works fine though.
I guess it’s because of the highscore feature, do I need to start some other component before starting the game?

i dont remember putting anything network related into it… highscore is missing altogether as far as i remember.
starting the should be enough.

and about the clone title…well. it pretty much is and since i only did for fun and joy i see no reason why not to name it the way things are :slight_smile:

and the game interface appears but the links are dead…

oh that’s just pstats. i had it turned on for debugging purpose.
you can comment out the “want pstats” line in the file. (the game should run none the less).

the whole game-controll is keyboard-oriented (developed it for a netbook so messing with a touchpad was unwanted). use the arrow up/down and enter to select the menu items.

I was trying to use the mouse to start the game, as it used to work for the menu in the previous version.
But you are right, all ok now.

I hope to see a p3d file soon. :slight_smile:


I’d do it, but I can’t seem to find the “short” tutorial for building the p3d’s or I am missing some files from my installation :slight_smile: