Cubiez Online

I do not know if this is in the right place, but I couldn’t find anywhere else to put it.


In third grade me and my friends were stuck inside for recess because there was lots of snow outside. I decided to draw with my friends. For some reason I love drawing 3D shapes, so I drew a cube. My friend randomly drew a smiley face on it, and I said it looked cute. When I was in 5th grade I decided to make a video game called Cube Terror. It was pretty basic. (Just a 2D platform game) I came up with the idea for a Panda3D and Python game a few days ago.

What I need is for a group of people to help me with this game.


The story of the game:

One day in CubeLand, all the cubes were happy. Suddenly lightning struck all over town! The cubes were surprised, because nothing wrong ever happened in CubeLand. Then a dark creature came down from above. A sphere! The cubes panicked more than ever. They screamed as more and more spheres came down. Soon, all of the world turned gray, as all the spheres sucked all of the color out of it. Can you help save CubeLand?

The Characters:

Below is an image of the players on the left, and the enemies on the right.

(Sorry if the image is big)

The Style:

This game will be an RPG game. Every time you defeat an enemy, you gain experience. With experience, you gain levels to get stronger. There will also be virtual money in the game, so you can buy accessories for your cube (Such as hats, hair, glasses)

The movement:

The cubes will be floating a little above the ground. Not much animation. Same thing with the spheres.

The controls:

Left arrow key - Move left
Right arrow key - Move right
Space bar - Attack (There will be a menu so that you can choose what your attack is, and switch it out later)


(Not thought of yet, since they have no arms or legs)

Before you begin:

Before you actually get into the game, you will need to pick your character. They all do the same things, just they are different colors. The colors are in the picture above.

The things I need:
-Somebody to make the models (I don’t know how to use blender)
-A few people to help me code it (I’m only a beginner with Panda3D, so any help would be appreciated)


If anybody wants to help, add me on Skype.
My username is lisa.cohorst
If you have any ideas, please tell me.

From that you mention both RPG and virtual money, I assume this is to be an MMO. If it is, I suggest trying something without networking, or only limited multiplayer capability (like 4 or 16 players). The reason for this is that, aside from needing a dedicated server, MMOs fall under the category of ‘very not simple/trivial’ (double plus uneasy? … sorry…). Especially with virtual money involved, the game itself becomes only a part of the operation, which would require (at the very least) security and customer service.

If you’re still set on making it massively online, I suggest taking a look at one or two things in the showcase part of the forums, I believe there was a library or two there to help out with this sort of stuff.

That said, I’d gladly help out, but am a bit limited right now due to the facts that I don’t have too much free time, don’t have too much experience with Panda in the first place either, and can’t seem to get my microphone working in Linux (which kind of messes up with Skype :stuck_out_tongue:). I have a bit of experience with Blender. Most of this stuff could probably be built procedurally though (cubes and spheres aren’t that hard, though you don’t mention the style of the environment).

edit: I should have guessed the MMO part from the subject really… :stuck_out_tongue: Also, isn’t the saying “Early to rise and early to bed makes a man healthy wealthy and dead”?

Thanks for helping! Just add me on Skype.

I just made the green cube in blender. Here is a photo of it:

If anybody who wants to help needs the blender file or the texture, I will give it to them.

I have redone the model a couple of times because of blender issues, so now he is lighter. Can somebody please help me? Add me on Skype :frowning:

I just looked it up, so I have no idea :stuck_out_tongue: (I’m lazy sometimes)

just want to mention it. there also is the #panda3d irc channel on freenode.
great place if you need live-help, to brainstorm ideas or just to hang out and chat.

Ok, I will check it out. Thanks for the advice!

As I was saying, I’m not getting Skype to work right now, especially since that machine is currently… about half a country away. Soon, hopefully, though.

aha its really great! thanks for sharing that @ThomasEgi. I will try to check it out. :slight_smile:

Here is the game so far:

It’s a green cube on a snowy flat land. He can move and turn using the keyboard. The problem is, the terrain is horrible. It’s just a rectangle with no color. If somebody could make the terrain for me, that would be awesome, since I’m not that good with blender. Here is what I need:

  • Terrain 10 width, 10 length, and 0.1 height
  • It would be better if the terrain had small hills in it
  • Texture NOT in the blender file, but a separate file
  • It would be good if the texture was green, with snow spots on it
    So I need the terrain in .egg or .blend (blender 6.0) and I need the texture file. If somebody could do this I would really appreciate it. Hopefully it’s not too much to ask. :slight_smile:

You could take a look at the Roaming Ralph sample for an example of uneven ground.
It will be difficult to find people to collaborate on the actual content for your game on the Panda forums since most people here are programmers not artists and have their own projects they are working on. You might have more luck with a more general game development forum for finding people to work together with.

Yeah, I probably should do the Roaming Ralph. But I actually already finished the terrain since nobody was replying. I will check out Python forums or something then. Thanks for that tip!