Criticism regarding how donations are advertised and how the homepage is layed out

This is just a firendly observation but valid criticism that from the main page it’s very hard to even find out there is a donation page. Other open source projects have a dedicated button right on the top navigation bar while you have a button mislabeled as “Sponsors” on the very bottom of the main page which people might not even notice since the main page is so long and also since “Sponsors” doesn’t tell it leads to a page where anyone can donate, not just a page for the corporate sponsors of the project. Please fix this, by my estimates you are losing at least 3x more funding due to this small design choice.

And this also goes to almost every other link on the very bottom of the homepage: they shouldn’t be there. The Manual is on the very top while API Reference is on the very bottom, there’s a Community button on both top and bottom of the homepage while the top one sends you directly to the Forums while Github and Discord which are arguably as important are on the very bottom edge of the homepage.
Same goes to Features and Blog, these should be only on the top of the homepage not bottom.
Only things that shoud remain on the bottom are License, Contact, Privacy Policy like every other website and maybe Video Tutorials because they are so outdated.
Finally, there seems no way to go back to the homepage from the forums.
Please, take some money from the donations and get someone to fix this. The homepage is the most important way for newcomers to decide if Panda is suited for their project and the current structure is not only a mess that leaves a bad impression but also may unintentionally hide some pages they may assume just don’t exist.

I’m sure the designer of the current interface had the best intentions and maybe did this for free as a generous contribution but the truth is the current layout is just a mess and hurting the project.

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