Creating installers for MAC OS X and LINUX from Windows PC ?


Can I create installers for MAC OS X and Linux from my Windows PC - ?

Or do I need to have a MAC and Linux PC to make installers for my game ?

Please clarify.


You should be able to create a .p3d file that will run on all three even though it was compiled one machine.

Now if you want to create an installer to install your game onto the users machine then as far as I know you need to create the installer for each OS on a comp that runs that OS.

pdeploy can create multiple installers (one for windows, mac, and linux) from a .p3d file.

See the manual page here

it works this way by fetching a small executable (the panda3d runtime, similar to the browser plugin, except standalone) from the panda3d website, after that, it puts your .p3d file inside several different binary executables (the panda3d runtime) one for each OS supported (I think Windows x86, Mac PPC & x64, and Linux x86/x64, IIRC) so that you get an installer for each OS, without having to have a computer running that OS.

Now do keep in mind should any of your Python code violate platform restrictions (C modules, using windows backslash vs unix fowardslash, for unix platforms), that you’ll have problems, this is mostly unlikely if your just using regular panda3d functions and stuff, however.

Hope this helps,

Short answer to OP’s question: Yes. You do not need a Mac or Linux computer to make Mac or Linux installers for your game. (However, it is recommended that you have someone with a Mac or Linux PC test the resulting installer, just to make sure it is working.) The manual page linked by powerpup118 explains how to do this.

Thank you guys for explaining everything :slight_smile: