Creating Collision Meshes in 3DsMAX

Please explain how to create collision meshes in 3DSMAX and export to .egg.

Thanks in advance.

I don’t know if it’s possible. The MAX exporter is not well supported, since neither Disney nor CMU uses it. That will probably change in the near future, CMU is thinking of switching over to MAX.

If you talk about meshes, you can export any 3d model from 3ds max, which you hide and use as collision object. However i do not know, if it correctly exports spheres (etc.) as a sphere collision object.

Josh Yelon, which exporter is the best supported one?

we had problems with the max exporter adding odd scales and not preserving transforms properly.

A feature which is quite important working with 3ds max and exporters is the reset Xform. We had a scale / texturing problem until we used that. (Assign Reset XForm modifier. or press the button in the Utilities panel.)

CMU and Disney both use Maya.