Creating an /uncompressed?) movie with Panda3D?

Hi! I would love to capture a movie with Panda3D, but to be honest, I don’t know how. An solution would be capturing 24pictures/second and putting them together in a AVI file, but is there an more automated way of doing that?

Due to the fact that I didn’t find FRAPS for Linux, I like to find a solution creating a demo movie. Is there a simple solution based on Python or a “movie grabber” (non-python related) for Linux.

So Help much appreciated :smiley:

Regards, Bigfoot29

Sure! Use There are several optional parameters. This method will make one screen grab per frame, and save each to a numbered image file. Since this tends to slow down rendering a whole lot (probably below real-time performance), it also munges the clock, so that animations, lerps, etc. proceed in slow-motion as well, exactly as if the simulation were still running at a real-time frame rate (in fact, one of the parameters is the virtual frame rate you want to simulate).

Then you can assemble the resulting images into the movie format of your choice.