Creating an scenary and a character for Panda3D

Hi all, i’m pretty new at all about blender and panda, so i apologize for the lack of knowledge :slight_smile:
I’ve been using blender 2.49b and chicken exporter to create a an animated character with the walking animation and an scenary like a small city, and i would like to be able to put my character to walk i my enviroment.

I’ve been inspired by the Roaming ralph sample given in the panda3d site, taking that, when i load my model inside the Roaming ralph world i works fine, but, when i try to use my own world i gives me some problems.
I tried to put my actor in the defauld position and it responds making the animation when i move it, but the problem is that it does not walk arount the enviroment, its animated but does not change the place.

I guess i got to make something about the collisions but i dont know how to make it.
I would really apreciate a nice explanation of how i can continue my development since i have my animated actor and my enviroment exported in order to make him able to move around my city.

Thanks in advanced and congratulations for the help on the forum.

so you are using the code from roaming ralph but with your own model? I would say that you might need collision, which can be added in blender or in panda.

It’s hard to tell without seeing the code that you are using.