creating a Window to render panda3d


I have a Win32 aplication and I intend to render Panda3d on a window own by a Form.

I searched and it appears that there is some way, but the cxx doc is python and I can’t figure it out.

Do anyone have a piece of code por this?

also, how can I control the pipes and windows of the engine without using the framework? (just to create my own framework interface).

thanks in advance.

Basically you create a WindowProperties object and call
set_parent_window() on it passing it the HWND of your form. Then you create the window passing the properties object. I think it’s also important that you set the origin to 0 (or whatever position inside your form you want to render).

Would be something like (untested code):

WindowProperties *props = new WindowProperties();

window = framework.open_window(*props, 0);

thanks! just what I needed!