creating a Motion Path from a spline

I am trying to make a motion path from a spline.

Is there a way to import a spline from another program besides maya? I try to make a spline in Gmax and it did not recognize the object as a path.

Where can I find information to control a node on a motion path. the Manual seems to only cover calling the path and attatching the node. I would like to control the velocity.

Any susggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I suspect only the maya2egg converter may generate NurbsCurve entries in the egg file in response to curves in the scene. Otherwise, you may have to enter the appropriate egg syntax by hand (or extend another converter, or write your own program, to generate the egg syntax). You can find the documentation for the egg syntax in the egg syntax document, which is linked from the manual.

To control the velocity of an object on a MopathInterval, you can simply specify duration = x to the constructor of the interval, which specifies how long in seconds it should take to fly the entire interval.

If you have more specific needs, for instance you want to be able to speed up and slow down an object while it is actively flying along the mopath, then you should write a task that moves the object along the mopath, instead of using a MopathInterval. To do this, just mopath.goTo() in your task. See and for more information.


Thanks for the info.

Can you use a curve created in 3d studio max…I know gmax and 3d studio max are similar but I belive you can create a nurb curve in 3d studio max…if that is the case I could do a 3dstudio max to egg convert. and use that as my motion path…

Let me know if I am on the right track.

if anyone has do that or something similar. Let me know.


I don’t know if the MaxEgg converter handles curves or not. Does anyone else on the forums know?

You can always try it and see. :slight_smile: