Creating a .exe or something similar


We are getting pretty close to a hand-in deadline for our project and due to that we would like to conduct a test of the game on random gamers.
The simplest approach would be to put the game online for download and then have people fill out a questionaire online as well.

But the problem with that solution is that whoever downloads our game would need to have Panda3D installed, which might be a bit much to ask of people when they are just trying a casual game.

Is there a way of turning our program + the needed panda things into a .exe or something similar? To be honest we dont really know where to start, so any hints or tips would be welcome… or are we getting in over our head? =)

Have you read this? … _packpanda

I’ve recently used it to get a .exe for windows with all the needed stuff inside and got it done.

things may have changed in the few months that I’ve been away, but if file size is an issue, then you might want to look at another tool.

PackPanda is, as I recall, rather convenient, but also produces files that might be a little on the big side. Nevertheless, give it a shot; if the file size is fine, then perhaps stick with it. If not, then perhaps try Py2exe - it’s less easy to use, I think, but can produce smaller files, especially if combined with a dependency walker to tell you which DLLs are actually being used by your program.

As I said, Py2exe is perhaps a little trickier to use - this old thread of mine might be of help.

Here’s a nice step by step guide from enn0x on using py2exe with panda3d and UPX to make the libraries smaller. I’d really be interested in a py2installer walk through for panda though.

Since size isn’t really a factor, it works fine, although the file is large when you take the complexity of our game into account. Thanks for the help!

Another thing that would be nice is the ability to specify a location different from the root of the game folder, since we’ve placed all our .py files in a game/src folder, with relative paths to the models in game/models - not a real problem, we just moved things around a little, but still.